Tortiselike Automated

Automation is what,
Comes to the one.
Albiet he misssed
Per se many some.

Tip Tip – Tap Tap
Ziggy Ziggy – Zap Zap,
Ding Ding – Dong Dong,
Pls make me sing a song.

Incessantly he rang the bell,
Tortiselike he followed the trail.
Vehemently, he plead for bail,
In the end, he wonders and pray.

© jovial’Pane

Eagle Eye Function

Encountering those junctions,
He revisited, those decayed functions.

Sharper as in quicker,
Those supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Little eyes,
Brighter than the fluorescent dye,
He saw from an eagle’s eye.

Coherently he withdrew.
On listening those reviews.
Adamantly he flew,
Touching those dron-n-dew.

© jovial’Pane

Eleven Minutes Function

From seven minutes,
To taking risks,
Dramatically in doing,
N reading Eleven Minutes,
It ended, before he could see.

She played her shenanigans,
He lost in her beauty.
Not realizing the junction,
He cross fired,
The misheard function.

Pseudonym’ly –
She pretended to behave.
Anonymously –
He knowingly got enslaved.

© jovial’Pane

My Cute Sis 👇

Her voice,
Containing high pitch volt;

Her scolding,
Sharper than a lighting bolt;

Her cuteness,
Sweeter than d sweetest honey;

Her craze for dance,
Crazier than my craze for cycling;

Her craze for “thika khaana”
Mere aandar ki aakho mai aasu lata;🙈

She’s my sister,
N v fight with each other;

Yet, with every fight,
Our bond gets stronger;

She’s shorter than me,
Some call me her elder bro,
While some called H/W;

Yet, every time, I object –
She’s my cute little elder sister
N d best than any other.

H – as in Hero
W – as in Wary

© jovial’Pane