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#MsPagal VI – #CurlyLavasa

The silence of rumbling water,
The silence of those fragrance curls.

Those steepy ups,
And, those slopey downs.
Just like those curly vibes
And, those vivid eyes.

He climbs up, and he steps down,
Just like those roaming vibes,
He wonders by the Riverside,
As he sits lonely downside,
Watching the rain, flow…upside.

Sitting beside the flowing lake,
He thinks of you,
And he won’t tell u … How much …
He knows what’d be at stake,
And yet he only hears,
The rumbling of this lake.

He cares for nature,
And he admires the rain.
He prays to those mountains,
As he sits beside the lake.
Alas! …
He cares for you.
But he won’t show u … How much …

Coz the tide which u ride,
Is sure one of its kind.
The dive which you drive,
Only somewhere meets his bike,
Somewhere and not everywhere,
But assured he is,
That it’s not nowhere,
But assured he is,
Things change just as time…

Whats this ordeal?
His only ask is feel.
Whats the deal?
He’d rather be a seal!

Happy does he feel,
Writing this silly piece.
Happy does he feel,
Mentioning you in this deal.

Satisfactorily happy he feels
Foe his this journey …
To this beautiful Lavasa City.
But not as much as you are,
As he writes for you,
But wonders why he does not tell youu…

Ciao, to this lakey city,
Ciao, to this curly cuite.
Enroute he departs,
For a voyage to the backyard,
Enroute he departs,
In s-earch of that heart ☺️

© jovial’Pane

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#TeenTweets – #TheReason

“What happened dad?” asked Rohit. He was so unlike his father. He had a lot of clarity in his mind and was expressive enough to give words to his thoughts. Rohit cared little whether people were in sync with his way of thinking or not. What he cared most about was doing what was right.


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#MsPagal-IV #Naïve-He

This may seem a bit naïve,

But my dear partner,
Here he only says,
He doesn’t know,
Why such he stays.

But my dear partner,
Here he only not count the days,
Everyminute .. Everyday ..

He just prays n prays …
As to why such he behaves.

But my dear partner,
You are special to this poet,
He asks for forgiveness,
You are special to this friend,
He asks for openheartedness 🙂

© jovial’Pane

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#MsPagal -III #TheDream

Dear Ms. Pagal,
I saw you in my dreams,
Can we go for ice-cream !!
Dear Ms. Pagal,

Dancing were those grown- curls,
Wavering swiftly and,
Alas ! bringing in me,
Those weridy little goosebumps.

Cuteness was there, in your talks,
I sat there sitting, admiring your curls.

All along the dream,
The curls made me scream,
All along the reality,
Those fragnancing wavy curls ,
Have now stopped telling stories 😦

And then came the moment,
I sat besides your desk,
Rolling up my eyes,
And talking nonsense.

Just to know in time,
When I looked at your side,
Just to know in time,
That you went away,
With the work of tide.

All along the time my friend,
He felt the bottom layers,
Of your newly washed curls.
All along the time my friend,
He thought to share,
And your only care.

Rest was he sad,
Waking up from his bed,
He got the sign of relief,
That courage to share this piece.

Dear Ms Pagal !!
You came in my dreams,
Lets go for Ice Cream,
And make this not just a dream.

© jovial’Pane