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#TeenTweets –  #TheReason 

“Sometimes my dear hubby, we do have to deal with people who forget to thank us. Sometimes it could be a thankless job. Service to others is a thankless job always, Rohan,” said Sharmilla.

The phone suddenly rang. Shaina rushed to answer the phone- an opportunity to get away from discussion. Rohan went on, “But what is bothering me is the law or universe. I mean we all know that what goes around comes around. The fact that somebody is so ungrateful to me just means I have been ungrateful to someone too.”


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#TeenTweets – #TheReason

“What happened dad?” asked Rohit. He was so unlike his father. He had a lot of clarity in his mind and was expressive enough to give words to his thoughts. Rohit cared little whether people were in sync with his way of thinking or not. What he cared most about was doing what was right.


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#MsPagal-V #My-Perse-Say

Dear Ms. Pagal Mental Cutie Pie,
I want to tell you something,
And will not tell you lie.

Whensoever I try saying this,
I become red from inside,
My heartbeats scale up infinitely high.
I become numb,
I feel loved,
All I’m trying to do is make a little move 🙂

There are many “don’t knows”
There are many “shall I do this or not”
If there’s no such thing,
In your fire of wings
Please spare me…
And ignore this talk.

Please don’t get me wrong,
Please don’t judge me bad.
All I sayz is…
For you…
I felt something.

I thinking’ly wonder…
What it might be,
A lighting thunder,
A blossoming rainbow,
And I force not you,
The answers to this wonders.

© jovial’Pane

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#MsPagal -III #TheDream

Dear Ms. Pagal,
I saw you in my dreams,
Can we go for ice-cream !!
Dear Ms. Pagal,

Dancing were those grown- curls,
Wavering swiftly and,
Alas ! bringing in me,
Those weridy little goosebumps.

Cuteness was there, in your talks,
I sat there sitting, admiring your curls.

All along the dream,
The curls made me scream,
All along the reality,
Those fragnancing wavy curls ,
Have now stopped telling stories 😦

And then came the moment,
I sat besides your desk,
Rolling up my eyes,
And talking nonsense.

Just to know in time,
When I looked at your side,
Just to know in time,
That you went away,
With the work of tide.

All along the time my friend,
He felt the bottom layers,
Of your newly washed curls.
All along the time my friend,
He thought to share,
And your only care.

Rest was he sad,
Waking up from his bed,
He got the sign of relief,
That courage to share this piece.

Dear Ms Pagal !!
You came in my dreams,
Lets go for Ice Cream,
And make this not just a dream.

© jovial’Pane



It started somewhere … Somehow …
Let it not end nowhere … Now not …

This thing which dings,
Let’s not show it the ignorance.
This thing which sings,
Let’s not foresee it’s endurance

He knows, there are supernova supervision,
He knows, his sense of humour,
Might not match the one of yours.
But what he knows is this thing,
Which he aspires to be known by you. 

© jovial’Pane



Dear Ms. Pagal,
Do you apply kajal?
Hear here, what I’ve to say,
Do, then apply kajal !!
I wonder what this might be,
I’m Sure you too, be wondering !!

I force not this thing,
I force not this talk,
Yet there’s this thing,
Which ignites that little spark !!!

Not everyday such things come,
Why not cherish this thing,
Till it lasts everyday.

Let those curls make a little mess,
Let us talk and see where this progress !!!
Let me not look lame,
And bid adieu my friend.
Nothing is permanent,
And this too may end.
So why not grab,
This piece of apple pie,
Before it ends,
Like a solitary lie.

And as they say ..
An ending is not an ending ..
Unless it’s an happy ending …
So lift those barriers,
N let’s go for coffee-ing 🙂

© jovial’Pane